Monday, April 30, 2007

balance (revised)

Her fullness
multifaceted points of light
beams, streams, star-like
gleams penetrate blueness
of night, falls upon my feet
in between shifting shadows
of tree's leaves and branches.

Ours is a love affair
a token from the beginning of time
unspoken, unbroken throughout tunnels
funnels of centuries and minds

I come alone
to bask in her
brilliance, to listen
to be heard . . . without a sound

Universal emotions
our affections
mutually radiate far into the blackness

And in the midst
of our
unconditional love
I find


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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day.

Cherish your earth every day.
Celebrate it, honor it, appreciate it,
learn ways to protect and preserve it,
teach and encourage others to do the same, on Earth Day.
She’s beautiful. She’s ours, and we are hers. Let us love her.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Be Transformed

Do not conform any longer
to the pattern of this world,
but be transformed by the renewing
of your mind.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Romans 12:2

I view Christiananity and the bible
as parts of a larger whole, a pool
of knowledge to gather from.

I found this quote worthy.
Furthermore, it seems to encourage
a truly enlightened state of mind.

And now, a Cherokee Prayer:

help me always
to speak the truth quietly,
to listen with an open mind
when others speak,
and to remember the peace
that may be found in silence.

My point is just love each other.
"Why don't we listen to the voices in our hearts?
Cause then I know we'll find we're not so far apart
." ~ Uriah Heep

Absorb every moment
as if it were about to be

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


the guns fired again
today. The young
lost their lives again
today, still rubbing the
weekend from the corners of their eyes

Sad Tuesday

Sun weeps rays of confusion
why’s and how’s warming the wet, morning grass

Tell me. How do you factor it in?

How do you account for this "problem of evil."

We’ll speak in terms of monotheism, since that is the
belief of most people. (I won’t bother with political
correctness, that is the way I address the deity, God
or Goddess, because sex is irrelevant to a spiritual,
supreme being. That I feel safe to assume.)

But if God, the earth, the form goodness, the sun
(like these are separate things), what have you . . .
but if God is omnipotent and all good,
how do you account for human suffering?

To all of you who are affected by this tragedy,
just know I’ve cried for your son, your daughter,
mother, father, friend. The love that defines us,
as humanistic creatures, shines in the midst of chaos and sadness.

You have my thoughts and prayers,
and a stream of love that I can neither turn off, nor ignore.

~ James, Bedford, Kentucky

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

This is for the Children

Zella sleeps.

I watch over her:
stare at photographs
in my mind,
on the walls, into
portals unobtainable by touch
but perceptible to a certain sense

I am the traveler
of a million heartaches
tear stains, and outbursts
of laughter into the face of lightlessness.

This is for the children!

...who call out to me, each
and every one of your voices.

I cry.
She doesn’t
make a sound.

I listen to them,
feel their energies,
experience their spirits, interpret
their names in wind-blown petals of cherry blossoms.

. . . Alexis . . . Alexa . . . Zoe . . . Nova . . . .

Suddenly and slowly,

humanty's beautiful sadness escapes into the air.
Waves propelled by breath and emotion
flow over dry teeth and moist lips.

Silence evaporates.

And the voices speak:

Cry not traveler.
For we play all day
in the softness of green
grass, smiling in the sun so happily.

It's okay. We are

perfect now: Free.

You don’t have to
what this is

just listen . . . .

And so I did.

This is for
the fathers, the mothers.

This is for . . . the children.


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