Friday, March 07, 2008

random thoughts

Memories: Some polish the bitter to make them sweet. We do this to maintain some semblance of sanity, to peer through the glass of a healthy outlook, perhaps. At some point we are able to just be far enough away from passed-on traits, good and bad, that we can stand them up, walk around them, examine them. Then, ideally, take the good and leave the bad.

That sounds good on paper.

But the truth is we can’t ever really leave the bad behind
We just polish. Polish. Polish. And stare at the shine.
The blur blends. And the whole becomes beautiful.

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That Feeling

Original energy encompasses
the senses. As the universe
suddenly opens her eyes

every follicle on the body becomes alive
every hair is stimulated, stands
receives signals

like tiny antennas of emotion
absorbing yet radiating

so that it’s the spirit from within
that connects with the skin
that opens up the pathway

to the light
so that all


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