Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the Moonlight

I sit alone in the night.
I play my songs for you.
You blow against the tall-tasseled
grasses like you were wind.

Cars pass by
on the gravel road
twenty-five yards away
raise the dust against their red brake-lights
as they drive down the hill

never knowing
that I sit alone
and play my songs for you.


No pick in hand
fingers and thumb
moving up and down
swaying to the sounds
of the tall-tasseled grasses.

And the shadow
of my curly hair
casts on the paper
like one side of a conifer

as I write
as I sit alone/in the moonlight
and trade your memory
for the sound of my voice.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Some crazy stuff had happened to me lately. Besides the heart attack and the surgery, (here's the article I published: just about a week ago or so, my domain name was bought out from under me. I had the heart attack and surgery at the time I was being sent the notices to renew it. Also, I was trying to eliminate extra costs and was phasing out the email account they were being sent to. Anyway. I fucked up. The on the phone was right. It was my responsibility to update my information. And it had been auto-renewing so long that, in the midst of it all, I just forgot. Now, it’s Or at least it will be when I get everything worked out. I just received a ton of great submissions too. And when the website went so did my editor’s account. And everything was lost. Haiku from all over the world is lost.

Anyway. None of that stuff really matters. All that really matters here in the blog world are the friends that I’ve made and the love I still hold for them in my heart. It hurts me dearly not to hear from them anymore. But I’ve shoved all the painful stuff down with the rest of it. I’ve got to get caught up on school work and get back to work in the library. We need the money something terrible.

Moving forward. That’s my theme. As I read today on another blog. Accept the things that cannot be changed. And move forward with the changeable. That paraphrasing of course.
Be well all. And know that my love is as great for you now as it has ever been. It oozes from me.
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