Sunday, August 20, 2006

Flowers & Vortexes, Creative Magazine

Order a Copy of Flowers & Vortexes.

This magazine is not for the traditionalist
or the blind-eyed conformist. It takes thinking
far beyond "the box." It may challenge the way
you think, the way you thought the world was.

It's a must-read magazine, in my honest opinion.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I tried
not to
mow you down

your head
hung low so low
your bright-yellow life, gone

and your face, down
in the ground you’ve been staring at
the sun’s photosynthesis love, stolen

but I wanted you
to stand as a symbol
of fall’s cool voice

and perhaps white winter stalks
standing like the strength of the human spirit
pushed up by the warmth of spring light

your life enriching new life
your memories, passed on
by the voices

of young flowers.

Monday, August 14, 2006

My Morning Meditation

. . . and as my arms extend
to balance my center
my mind channels
my soul


the earth’s soul
and I radiate
the way the sun-
flower’s petals
radiate streams
of sunlight

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We Were Married in 95

We didn't have much of a wedding. In fact, there was no wedding, just a ceremony. Tammy would have Daisy thirteen days later.

But we celebrated...while Tammy's aunts and cousins sexually harassed me. It was great!

Also In 98

The Boat.

The Happy Hippie Captain

We don't talk about the boat anymore.

FFWD Four Years: Daisy

Just look at my
little Daisy girl. On a certain level
it seems unfathomable to me
that she will begin middle school
very soon. I'd almost forgotten
that she ever looked like this.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Summer of 94

Time seems
to rise and fall
like the tall-August
grassy memories of man's youth

I was 20. Father died
just months before
and I always had a beer in my hand.

And there I am
by the water of Sand Creek
in the heat, glistening with confusion.

lean. more than mean.
a killer if I had to be.
I'm not proud, but ashamed
of the latter. But it was what it was.

And yet my tribal heritage
tugged at my hair
made me listen to the earth

in between madness

A lifetime later
pictures are all that's left
of a foolish young man, wondering who he was.

Further Into the Night

skies boom
ground cracksss...splits apart
6,000 miles away from this place

and rain splatters
throughout my mind
from a single eye

an eye belonging
to God, an eye
for an eye, but I

hear someone cry

and window panes shiver
the walls hum with vibrations
as lightening’s afterimage


the cell gathers


and moves on
further into the night
seeking the other eye of God . . . .

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Check Out These Designs


And Alex said: "I wanna see that new Super-Man movie dad."

"Yeah, I wanna see it too, son. The actor looks just like, well, he looks a lot like the actor who used to play Super-Man." I said. "Christopher Reeves."

"Christopher Reeves was riding a horse when the horse threw him. He broke his neck, couldn’t move anything, was in a wheelchair, but for the rest of his life, he fought, he fought to raise awareness, to raise money for research, for spinal cord injuries. He couldn’t cure himself, but I think he knew that. But other people it would help."

"Wow. So he was a real super hero then."

Trying so to hold back the tears ready to burst from my eyes, because I was in awe of his humanity. It was like, for that moment, my son stood tall and spoke with a natural wisdom that I could only respect and honor and be in awe of, I said: "That’s right, son. He sure was."

It was then I knew what kind of man he would be. He will surpass me by light-years. I’ve never been more proud. And even though these sad green eyes get in the way of seeing sometimes, I’m sure glad I caught that.
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