Saturday, March 31, 2007

Flower Moon

raindrops bounce
off my outstretched brain-skin: drumbeats

dressed in regalia, dancing
in a ceremony
anticipating the rise

of the Flower Moon


Native-American’s ( although I prefer to refer to them/us, at least in a historical context, as indigenous inhabitants of North America) use the term regalia to describe decorative, ceremonial attire. Flower Moon is/was used by Cherokee people to address the full moon in April.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Promise of Light

Yeah. It's me again, talking about Promise of Light,
and some of my extraordinary friends on the world of web logs.

There is all kinds of new content on the site and will be updated daily.
We have an extremely talented, unique group of people
that contribute to the site.

We have Mary's pages, Angel Speak and Mary's Hideaway.
Her words can soothe the soul, as well as tantalize the intellect.
Mary has been unoffical Co-editor from day one, and is dear to me.

Next we have Erin who most of you reading know and love.
She is the offical Co-editor of the place, and, too, is very dear to me.
If fact, she has contributed to my life more than she could ever imagine.

And Dave, forever the seeker of zen. His work inspired me to write
the following haiku a couple of years or so back:

blessed is he who
inspires, shares life amidst
flowers, vortexes

This poem appeared on the cover of the first two issues
of Flowers & Vortexes, Creative Magazine. Dave is my friend,
my brother, and a major contibutor to both the site and the mag.

Then there is my real brother. Keenan Watkins. He encouraged
me to begin writing again. I had written before our father died,
and to me everything died, including my only way out despair
and a world that never stopped taking. Writing has saved my life.
On the site and in other forums he is known as Father Deschain.
He is very talented as all the people I have or will discuss here.
Ineffable is his page. There's a new project there that he'll be
updating daily. It will be a must read. I assure you of that.

Mikey. I can't forget about my pal, Mike. I don't get around
to Mikey's part of the world much, but that's not for a lack
of admiration, repect, and love. He has also contributed to the site.
Check the front page of Promise of Light to see his contribution.

Now. Let's talk about two really cool sisters that I adore completely.
They have both been really supportive of my work and endevours,
and, like everyone I've mentioned in this post, I really do love them.
there's wild-walking, wild-riding, teller of great stories, Becky Boo.
And then there's Lori Loo, a true fine artist. She's, well, she's awesome
in everyway.

Then there's the blogger whose soul appears to be as beautiful
as her screen name, Rain. This is her Blog: Rain in the Sky.
I just saw, while I was gathering Lori's link that it's Rain's birthday!
Have the happiest of birthdays my friend.

Now since my hand is tired and blogger won't let me edit, only post,
that I'll finish later. There are a couple more I'd like to mention.
So. They don't come around much but they're awesome, so....
Fuck. Okay. There's the other Erin.

Now I'm done. If I didn't get you. I'm sorry.

Monday, March 19, 2007

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