Thursday, September 01, 2005


His heart is rotten meat

I taste another conspiracy

All those people
crowded like cattle
like less than human

The police and national guard
just drive by while these people
beg, die. A group has one nurse
to 15,000, some have none.

"Over and over they ask: When
are the buses coming? When?"

But they do not come

"Please, help us!"

"They are weak. They are tired."

A black man helps an old white lady
sit down, to rest her exhausted body
and looks into the camera. His eyes
say: See, I am kind. Be kind to us

Pleading people cry into a glass lens
to a hollow man, a non human man

He speaks now as I cry. But
I don’t want to see his face

He has shamed me yet but again


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